28: (Part 2) 28 Weeks Later with Tom and Nick

August 30, 2023 Blockblunders, Nick and Tom Episode 28
28: (Part 2) 28 Weeks Later with Tom and Nick
Show Notes

It's part two of our double feature with double guests, Nick Harriott and Tom Waddel! Listening to this part first would be as foolish as making out with a rage virus zombie. One has never seen 28 Days Later, and the other didn't go to the sequel 28 Week Later, both try to guess the plot with your regular hosts, Barry Walsh and Patrick Sunderland.

Writer-performers Nick and Tom aren't just funny, they're also funny. And if you're in Sydney, you can see them live as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival at Berliners, 12 - 16 September. Use code Blockblunders for 28% off!

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