12: The Terminator with Dani Siller

May 10, 2023 Blockblunders, Dani Siller Episode 12
12: The Terminator with Dani Siller
Show Notes

Can you believe special guest Dani Siller hasn't seen The Terminator? She may be the master of puzzles on Escape This Podcast, but can she solve the mystery of what's in The Terminator and what's from The Terminator 2?

Dani proves her skills on this week's Blockblunders as an all-time fan fiction sage. Bringing her unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking from the many puzzles and mysteries of Consume This Media to her plot of The Terminator.

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If you don't already know about them, you can listen to Escape This Podcast and Solve This Murder at all the good pod spots. Check out everything Dani Siller and Bill Sunderland have on Consume This Media. We're big fans, and they're related to our very own Pat Sunderland; therefore, we're like their little baby brother pod.

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